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Windows Firewall for vGAF

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Disable the Firewall for Windows VISTAComment:
The VISTA-Tutorial was added by "Sandbaer"! Thank You very much!

Step 1: Identify and rename the network connection vGAF

From a technical view, this step is not necessary. But it later facilitates us to locate this particular network connection, if we want to fumble it.

We assume that the VPN client is installed with the VGAF certificates. For the next steps the VPN client has to be connected
with vGAF.

Now open Control Panel-> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center! Refer to Figure A (the left, upper part)
Left-click "Manage network connections" on top. The window like the bottom right picture in Figure A opens!

Among the adapters now have our VPN is identified. You see it in the loading inscription "TAP-Win32 ..."
With the right mouse button click on it and select "Rename". We call it now "VGAF Network"! This name we shall meet again later. It then facilitates the identification.

--- FIGURE  A ---

--- FIGURE  A ---

Now we close all  windows first and then come to...

...Step 2: How to remove VPN device  from the firewall monitoring

We open the window "Windows firewall":

Control Panel -> Security -> Windows Firewall

There we choose left "Change Settings". Look here:

--- FIGURE  B ---

--- FIGURE  B ---

You will see a new window "Windows Firewall Settings". Click there on the "Advanced" tab!

---FIGURE  C ---

--- FIGURE  C ---

In this window remove the check of "vGAF Network".

We would have ended the VGAF network from being monitored by the firewall, while everything else, especially the Internet, continues to be monitored.

We then confirm by clicking OK to close all windows that we opened and it is OK.

Very important: Restart the PC before a log-in attempt to VGAF network!
This is important and the only way to ensure that the changings have been set.

If there are any disturbances, check again the settings and if necessary readjust them again.
Otherwise your Internet connection is not optimal. In such case have a word with the provider.

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